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HCI International 2013
21 - 26 July 2013, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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T05: Culture-Centered HCI Design

Half Day Tutorial

Dr. Rüdiger Heimgärtner (short bio)
Intercultural User Interface Consulting (IUIC), Germany


Acquiring an overview of the state of the art/research in culture-centered HCI design and knowing and applying the most important methods for intercultural user interface design.

Content and Benefits:

  • Overview of the state of the art/research in culture-centered HCI design
  • Cultural differences and their implications for HCI design
  • Overview of methods used in intercultural HCI design
  • Training on some of the most important methods for intercultural HCI design
  • Knowing methodological problems and how to avoid them
  • Deepening what was learned by reflecting upon it with others
  • Discussion and reflection on the topics for application in your context


  • Introduction, Overview of culture-centered HCI design (cf. Shen et al. 2006, Clemmensen & Röse 2012, Rau et al. 2012, Heimgärtner 2012), Knowledge of cultural differences and their effects on HCI design, culture-oriented requirement analysis (30 min. lecturer presentation)
  • Method of culture-oriented HCI-Design (MCD, cf. Röse 2002), User Interface Characteristics (cf. Marcus 2006), HCI dimensions (cf. Heimgärtner 2012): Identification of cultural differences in HCI design (15 min. lecturer presentation, 30 min. exercise + 15 min. group presentations and discussion)
  • Coffee Break (30 min.)
  • Applying the learned method mix for cross-cultural design to use cases in HCI design (using existing applications defined by the participants) (15 min. task presentation and group and use case determination, 30 min. exercise and 15 min. group presentations & discussion)
  • Closing (Summary, Discussion and Feedback (30 min.)

Target Audience:

  • HCI researchers, students and practitioners who want to understand and take into account cultural influences in HCI.
  • Anyone who is interested in a more systematic approach to culture-centered HCI design. Some familiarity with usability and user centered design is assumed, but no specific prior knowledge is needed.

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Rüdiger Heimgärtner

Dr. Rüdiger Heimgärtner is a specialist for cultural differences in HCI and has worked in software and HCI projects at Siemens and Continental. He is the founder and managing director of the company Intercultural User Interface Consulting (IUIC) and has provided training and consultation for Intercultural User Interface Design (IUID) since 2003.

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