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HCI International 2013
21 - 26 July 2013, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust

Conference Final Program

Wednesday, 24 July 2013
10:30 – 12:30

S046: Security, Forensic and Legal Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction
Room: Bermuda B
Chair(s): Pavel Ocenasek

  • The Practice of Global Internet Filtering
    Pavel Ocenasek
  • On the Secure and Safe Data Synchronization
    Pavel Ocenasek, Jaromir Karmazin
  • Legal Protection for Personal Information Privacy
    Yinan Liu
  • Ethical Issues Surrounding the Asymmetric Nature of Workplace Monitoring
    John D Bustard
  • A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy? Secrecy and National Security in a Democracy
    Kathleen Hogan
  • The Privacy Paradox Between Users' Attitudes, Stringent Legal Framework and (the Lack of) Adequate Implementation Tools
    Shara Monteleone


13:30 – 15:30

S069: Intent Semantics: New Concept in Trust R&D
Room: Bermuda B
Chair(s): Ioannis Askoxylakis

  • Towards Usable Generation and Enforcement of Trust Evidence from Programmer's Intent
    Michael R.A. Huth, Jim Huan-Pu Kuo, Angela Sasse, Iacovos Kirlappos
  • Cloudopsy: an Autopsy of Data Flows in the Cloud
    Angeliki Zavou, Vasilis Pappas, Vasileios P. Kemerlis, Michalis Polychronakis, Georgios Portokalidis, Angelos Keromytis
  • Influence of Trust Assurances in Mobile Commerce Applications on the Formation of Online Trust
    Martin Hesseler, Gerhard Hartmann, Stefan Karsch
  • Increasing Trust Perceptions in the Internet of Things
    Trenton W Schulz, Ingvar Tjøstheim
  • Supporting Human Decision-Making Online using Information-Trustworthiness Metrics
    Jason R.C. Nurse, Sadie Creese, Michael Goldsmith, Syed Sadiqur Rahman
  • Addressing User Privacy and Experience in Distributed Long Lifetime Systems
    Scott W Cadzow
  • Secure and Energy-efficient Life-logging in Wireless Pervasive Environments
    Alexandros Fragkiadakis, Ioannis Askoxylakis, Elias Tragos


16:00 – 18:00

S092: The Soft Foundations of Cybersecurity Science
Room: Bermuda B
Chair(s): Theo Tryfonas, Bryan Cline

  • Factors Influencing the Adoption of Encryption to Secure Data in the Cloud
    Ken E. Stavinoha
  • Strategic Interaction Analysis of Privacy-sensitive end-users use of cloud based mobile apps
    Kalliopi Anastasopoulou, Theo Tryfonas, Spyros Kokolakis
  • Modeling Security Policy and the Effect for End-Users
    Kevin Jones, Kizito Salako
  • Constructing Positive Influences for User Security Decisions to Counter Corporate or State Sponsored Computer Espionage Threats
    Martyn Styles
  • High-Level Design for a Secure Mobile Device Management System
    Keunwoo Rhee, Sun-Ki Eun, Mi-Ri Joo, Jihoon Jeong, Dongho Won
  • Recognition of Human Identity by Detection of User Activity
    Giuseppe Scardino, Ignazio Infantino, Filippo Vella
  • A Privacy-level Model of User-Centric Cyber-Physical Systems
    Nikolaos E. Petroulakis, Ioannis Askoxylakis, Apostolos Traganitis, George Spanoudakis


Thursday, 25 July 2013
08:00 – 10:00

S114: Passwords, Captcha and User Identification
Room: Bermuda A
Chair(s): Steven Furnell

  • Multicriteria Optimization to Select Images as Passwords in Recognition Based Graphical Authentication Systems
    Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Ron Poet, Lewis Mackenzie
  • Gamified CAPTCHA
    Junya Kani, Masakatsu Nishigaki
  • „The Four Most-used passwords are Love, Sex, Secret, and God“: Password Security and Training in Different User Groups
    Birgy Lorenz, Kaido Kikkas, Aare Klooster
  • Evaluating the Usability of System-Generated and User-Generated Passwords of Approximately Equal Security
    Sourav Bhuyan, Joel Greenstein, Kevin Juang
  • Inconspicuous Personal Computer Protection with Touch-mouse
    Ming-Chun Huang, Wenyao Xu, Jason Liu, Yi Su, Lei He, Majid Sarrafzadeh
  • Learning a Policy for Gesture-Based Active Multi-touch Authentication
    Raquel Torres Peralta, Antons Rebguns, Ian Fasel, Kobus Barnard
  • Investigating an Intrusion Prevention System For Brain-Computer Interfaces
    Saul D Costa, Dale Stevens, Jeremy A Hansen


16:00 – 18:00

S183: Security Behaviour
Room: Bermuda B
Chair(s): Kerry-Lynn Thomson

  • A Study using TAM on the Recognition of Individuals' Privacy and the Acceptance of Risk - The Case of Japanese Internet users -
    Ayako Komatsu
  • Health is Silver, Beauty is Golden? How the Usage Context Influences the Acceptance of an Invasive Technology
    Johanna Kluge, Martina Ziefle
  • An Influence of Self-evaluated Gender Role on the Privacy Management Behavior in Online Social Networks
    Kijung Lee, Il-Yeol Song
    (Presentation Canceled)
  • Perception of Risky Security Behaviour by Users: Survey of Current Approaches
    Lynsay Shepherd, Jacqueline Archibald, Ian Ferguson
  • “Click me if you can!” – When do users follow a call to action in an online message?
    Thomas Pfeiffer, Heike Theuerling, Michaela Kauer
  • Studying the Effect of Human Cognition on Text and Image Recognition CAPTCHA Mechanisms
    Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos, Christos Fidas, George Spanoudis, George Samaras


Friday, 26 July 2013
13:30 – 15:30

S246: Encouraging an Information Security Culture by addressing Human Behavior
Room: Barbados B
Chair(s): Kerry-Lynn Thomson

  • Essential Lessons Still not Learned? Examining the Password Practices of End-users and Service Providers
    Nina Bär, Steven Furnell
  • Personality’s Influence on Facebook’s Privacy Settings: A Case of College Students in Taiwan
    Tingya Kuo, Hung-Lian Tang
  • A Taxonomy of Cyber Situation Awareness Questions for the User-Centered Design of Cyber Situation Awareness
    Celeste Lyn Paul, Kirsten Whitley
  • Understanding People's Preferences for Disclosing Contextual Information to Smartphone Apps
    Fuming Shih, Julia Boortz
  • A Comparison of American and German Folk Models of Home Computer Security
    Michaela Kauer, Melanie Volkamer, Sebastian Günther, Daniel Storck
  • Relationships between Password Choices, Perceptions of Risk and Σecurity Εxpertise
    Sadie Creese, Duncan D Hodges, Sue Jamison-Powell, Monica Whitty


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